Today started with a 5am report of 5", but by the time we racked up our first run - Four Points to Cyclone to Vortex to under-the-Storm-lift-line (newly named the Craig-BumpinJoKelley-Run) - it was probably more like 8-10".

By the end of the second run - 3 OClock to 1 OClock to 12:30 trees - we had declared it upper thigh-high and officially "nuking" (snowing more than 2" per hour).

We were in the eye of the storm. Visibility was 1-2 chairs - "the wind was a-howlin' and the snow was outrageous." The east coast Weather Channel reporters (cough, sensationalists!) have already dubbed this "Winter Storm Ion."

We rallied for several more before coming down around 10:30, including Storm Face to Mustache Meadow to Sunset to Moonlight Trees, divine! And Sundial to Tomahawk to Ramrod. So deep you had to go straight and just leeaaan back!

It snowed all day up there, and according to all those coming down late afternoon, Ion had dumped about 20" up there. It's not supposed to stop snowing until tomorrow.  The 1pm report is saying we've racked up a 65" base already. Killer. Do I smell a rivaling of the famous January of 1996? We just may!

It's supposed to be cold tomorrow, so dress warm, bring a long board, and SEE YOU IN THE DEEP!  (Forgive me if I don't brave the bare hands to take any photos or videos tomorrow!)

Oh, and if you don't have the Alpine Replay app (thanks for the tip Jake J-Dub Wolf), get it. It tallies your vertical, average speed, max speed, jumps, air time, and maps your lift rides and runs - then ranks you against other skiers using the app. Pretty darn cool.

Oh Oh, and props to the Burmans for keeping up with the locals today!

Posted by Andy J. Kennedy Saturday, January 4, 2014


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