Today's 6am report said 4" and snowing.  That's what we call a "sleeper" report.... that's a good thing. 

noun /ˈslēpər/
9. A movie, book, play, etc., that achieves sudden unexpected success after initially attracting little attention, typically one that proves popular without much promotion or expenditure.

In addition to that, it keeps those lazy sleepers in bed, and leaves the rest of us with all their leftovers.  Needless to say, I took 5 runs down Pony before Craig caught up with me (delayed due to work) and there was still plenty of snow to be had at 10am.  I have officially skied myself into shape when I can ski 3 hours of - yes, A FOOT - of powder and not complain to my dance instructor that afternoon.  Booya! You can't build that shit in the gym.

So you heard me right, it was a foot of fresh today.  And it was GLORIOUS. 4 inches my ass.

I was about 20th car on the Gondola and 15th chair on Four Points, with unbelievably tasty lines down Twister - imagine about 10" over a fresh groomer and then go change your knickers.

My five runs in the 'Ridge were solitary, and I had a fresh-Zamboni feeling the first run down Longhorn- not a single track in front of me, and light, knee-deep powder over soft cord.  Seriously priceless.  I managed to stop myself and get a clip of those who trailed me; Jonathan, "this buds for you."  Great turns.

Following that I chewed that land up and spat it out - bombing down Middle Rib, Diamond Hitch, Nash Junction, Cabin Fever, Perry Park, and WJW, coming out with a stellar run down Vortex and hitting the bottom of the Storm Peak Lift Line with hollers from above as I bounced over the powder pillows.  Thanks Pony lifties, I'm sure you got sick of seeing my backside this morning.

Craig caught up with me at Storm and we headed east, finding the deep stuff on Sunset, in Moonlight Trees (video), Sundial and Ramrod as usual.  But for the first time - in perhaps ever - we meandered off Sideburn into Closets - for Craig, those tight trees and unfamiliar lines aren't good, but that part of the Closet is pretty wide open. We came back out onto Sunset again so we took the Moonlight Trees twice. Yum.

And it's not snowing now, but that storm is a big'un, and dropped a foot in Park City last night so we're hoping there's some left in those clouds for us. Timing is everything, and we sure love those Sleeper Days when the best snow falls after that 5am report.

-See you In The Deep!

Posted by Andy J. Kennedy Thursday, March 1, 2012


  1. Jonny Arrow Says:
  2. I'm the skier in the white jacket Andy spotted cruising the powder today. Random encounter with a nice person. Thanks Andy! - Jonathan

  3. You're very welcome, what a gorgeous day!


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