A great Bluebird day in the 'Boat and we got to share a few hours on the slopes with Butch, our southern buddy who just plain rips... and for us to say that, you know he's fast!

It was a spring day out there, and it's although a nice change from the cold we've had, the Almanac says nothing major until the 3rd week of March.  2 weeks of warm weather is going to wreck that good February snow.  Snow Dance time!

So the three of us spanked it down Rolex, Flintlock, 2O'clock, Face and Rainbow, as well as making some fast and wide GS turns on Sunshine Liftline and Tomahawk.  It sure was fun skiing with two monos again!

Here's praying for snow so we can see you In The Deep!  Just five more weeks of ski season, and it feels like it just began...

Posted by Andy J. Kennedy Monday, March 5, 2012


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