"It's just easier on me if we go fast, I can let the ski do what it wants to do," adaptive instructor Derrick Charpentier tells me after we've caught up with him, in the STARS office that is. Because keeping up with him and Amanda on the mountain, was, well virtually impossible.  And I don't ride slow myself.

We rolled out this afternoon for a few runs after a morning of work for me and a morning off (IE on the couch) for Craig - much deserved of course.  We met up with Keith, who I am very excited to see back - after a hip replacement at a too-young-43 - on his 195 Doughboy (things like a freaking Liquid Shredder, I don't remember it being that long), and we had to stop into the STARS HQ to pick up Craig's rig.  It's never just a brief stop into the office - of course that applies to everyone - but especially for Craig. Questions, scheduling, chatting, clients, ski donations, you name it, even at 1pm, when all the lessons are out on the slopes on a slow day, that office is a beehive.

But luckily we did stop in, because Amanda and Derrick were just coming back from lunch; it was her first day on the hill.  Amanda, in for the umpteenth year with her family from Florida, is someone we always look forward to skiing with. Her ear-to-ear grin is contagious, and she has one mission when she hits the slopes: GO FAST.  So she requests Derrick, and that's what he gives her.  Amanda skis on a bi-ski because she has CP, but her disability sure doesn't limit the way she enjoys the hill, and this, my friends, is exactly why Craig and I got into this business ten years ago. What a blast!

Straight out haulin' down Rainbow

And then down into the mini pipe.

YEAH!  I hear more snow is on the way... do your dance, we can always use more.

Posted by Andy J. Kennedy Monday, February 4, 2013


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