There are obvious rewards for patience. For those who have said all year, "it will come, it always does," with that deep inner peace of knowing that winter was just around the corner; for those who read the Farmer's Almanac and said, "it's always right, just believe;" for those who enjoyed every blue bird groomer day anyway thankfully, this week is your week.  Your patience has paid off.

Twenty seven whopping inches yesterday broke the Steamboat record for deepest day.  And it was probably 35" by the time I came down after 10, perhaps 38 or 40 by the end of the day?   Yeah, that's three feet!

Today the ski area reported another 9" at 6am, definitely more like 12-15" in Pioneer Ridge by 9am, and it's  snowing sideways with those big fat pancake flakes that stick to your jacket and goggles and pile up fast and furious.  We're looking at another two feet today...

But it doesn't stop there. Tonight we're in the middle of a Winter Storm Warning (I love these, but it seems redundant to warn people of an eminent danger when we can look outside our window and see it's already here).  They're calling for another two feet.  I can add, that's 5-6 feet in 3 days.  Has there been a week like this since the epic 1996 January that held the record of 26" in 24 hours that we broke yesterday? 

I saw this in a Pirate Theater once... I think it's time to bring "24 in 24" back this year boys!

Today I did laps down Pony with the girls, Cabin Fever, Diamond Hitch, Royal Flush, Ambush, Longhorn, Flying Z, Drop Out, and every where we went it was the same story- bottomless leftovers from yesterday with a fresh coat of Champagne frosting. Especially in the trees. Can't beat that.

My last thoughts: Thank you Mardi Gras Gods.  It always dumps the motherload on Fat Tuesday!

I didn't take out the camera today because it was intensely blowing, and my sit-skiing powderhound was at work... so today's video is brought to you by the best at Steamboat:


Keep it coming, Mama, thank you for this week's love In the Deep!

Posted by Andy J. Kennedy Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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  1. Mimi Says:
  2. I'm really excited about this, actually! I will be in the western States in late April and I'm trying to find a place that will still be open, still have snow, where I can go take a couple monoski lessons. This is looking promising!


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