We called the snow report this morning twice at 5:30am. Then again at 6:30. It was so funny, we recorded it.

"Did she say twenty seven inches?"  And she did say it was still snowing.

Around 7 I checked my snow report app on the Droid to be sure ~ Vail: 0".  Winter Park: 4".  Steamboat: 27".  Holy shit. Patience pays off.

I've lived here since' 98, and I don't remember a day like this. Craig's lived here since '94 and said "that Fat Friday in January of 1996 is the only thing comparable to this."  Today may very well go down as the deepest powder day on record.  Watch for the press release, powder fans.

When we rolled into Gondola Square at 7:40am, there were hundreds, perhaps a thousand, people in line for First Tracks.  It was laughable, they had to cut the line off at 8:20 to get ready to load the regular paying customers. We hopped in before they did, and from the top, beelined it to Four Points and made 10th chair, never once thinking to go over to Sunny Side today. Can you imagine? 800 people on 3 O'clock. Right.

From 4P, we took the first turns down Tornado and Oh-My-God.  Words barely describe, Champagne was up to my ribs and Craig literally couldn't see. He looked like a mole, and had to stop every 2-3 turns to get his bearings. To do it right, there was no turning... it was straight ahead or get buried, with all of Storm Peak Lift riders hooting down at you.

Our second run was no different... from Storm Peak North we tried to get to Cyclone, to no avail- it was just too deep.  We wound up on Rainbow and took Hurricane down, laughing hysterically the entire way.

Next run, we were damned if we were getting to Cyclone, so we hit Buddy's, which was not so deep unless you hit the trees, and on the left it was about thigh deep (no one here is complaining). Cyclone was where we caught our videos... and Drop Out was ridiculous: bombing bottomless bumps like a porpoise, I should have gotten some images of Craig here, but I was too busy trying to stay afloat! 

I have only one word for today.  EPIC.

What a day for surfing In The Deep!

Posted by Andy J. Kennedy Monday, February 20, 2012


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