After five days of skiing and a stompin-fast African Dance class this week, I wasn't sure my body could handle the additional 9" on top of it all, man is Mother Nature piling it on!  But between a morning and afternoon meeting today I managed to make it up for about 90 minutes of powder hunting.

As I love to challenge myself when riding alone, today I decided to avoid riding the same lift twice, and went from the Gondola to Pony to Storm Peak to Sundown to South Peak to Elkhead, and think it might be a fun day to try and ride every one them once, as I am pretty sure I've never done that in one day!

The powder wasn't as elusive as I thought it might be not arriving until about 10:15; thanks to a lull in visitor numbers right now the hill was deserted.  (Although I did hear one tourist say from South Peak as we were looking up High Noon, "See honey, how crowded that is? We just need need avoid the busy runs." Lady, you have no idea what busy is apparently.)

I started out with a few Norther trees, knowing the shape it was in from yesterday, and from Pony I took Nash Junction to Chuckwagon to Drop Out.  From the top I traversed to upper 3:00 and then on to 1:00 and into 12:30, back to about 1:30 into the grove below Daybreak.  Then knowing that the Sundial grove doesn't ever seem to get eaten up, I headed there for the freshest powder of the day.  Then on to Pup's right side trees and South Peak for a West Side bomber, no powder there but the soft groomer provided a nice a break, as did Vagabond down, as I had to take the fastest route, pushing my noon meeting time to the edge.

What a week it's been!  3+ feet of snow this week and counting!

Posted by Andy J. Kennedy Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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